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About us

Sumis Company is a full-service marketing organisation offering end-to-end solutions with a focus on in & around store communication. Sumis is the expert in managing design, production, buying and distribution of all marketing and communication materials across all channels.

In today’s world, marketers have to deal with the diversity of communication channels and an increasing number of campaigns. As a result, it’s become more difficult for marketing organisations to line up the process and the costs seamlessly. This is where Sumis can be of added value to your business.

Because, no matter how brilliant a campaign idea might be, when the execution fails and the materials are not delivered to the right location on time, it will not be a success. It is therefore our mission to help our clients save time, hassle and money.

Since 1975, Sumis has grown to become the market leader in her field. With a strong focus on retail they have become the in & around store specialist. Sumis offers a transparent partnership where optimization, buying benefits and chain integration are key.