Sumis Culture


Our company culture focusses on being the best, to inspire and to do good. These are the three core values that unite us.

…Be the best…

At Sumis we possess the essential drive to excel in our specialism. We don’t do anything half-heartedly, we aren’t followers, we take our responsibility.


At Sumis we go the extra mile to inspire our clients, our suppliers and our colleagues. We do this by organising inspirational sessions and through our monthly newsletter Sumis Update, which is full of trends, innovations, cases and forecasts.

…Do good…

At Sumis we would like to make a positive contribution to the relationships we have with our clients, suppliers, colleagues and the world around us. We like to give something back. We do this by sponsoring the Ronald MCDonald KinderFonds, KNFG Geleide Honden and BeatBatten.