…Inspire people with a corporate glossy…

Key Facts

  • Client since 1998
  • Active in 53 countries
  • 78 consultancy offices in the Netherlands
  • 350 orders each year

Since many years Sumis takes care of the marketing communication of ABN AMRO. Including; POS, Signing en Stationary.

Financial Focus is a magazine of ABN AMRO MeesPierson. The magazine informs and inspires clients with relevant and bold articles always about the financial world. Above all, the magazine is filled with tips and tricks from professionals and recent developments in the world. It’s primary goal is to close the gap between the website, where you can find articles video’s, blogs and news items.


How do we create a low cost corporate magazine which shape and exterior appearance matches the lifestyle magazine?

Financial Focus is an editon of ABN AMRO MeesPierson and bridges a gap to the website were they offer articles and video’s from the world of finance and where specialists of ABN AMRO can blog and place news items.


  • Procurement orders are tendered by Sumis
  • Project Management of all productions are taken care for by Sumis
  • Execution of the logistic process by Sumis Marketing Logistics


  • A beautiful magazine that inspires and informs
  • Extra cost reduction of 15% due to collective billing

For years Sumis has taken care of the execution of all Marketing & Communication materials, POS, Signing and Stationary for ABN AMRO.

Research shows that a physical magazine raises the evaluation of your company. We love to contribute to your projects and share thoughts about options for your own personal magazine.