Albert Heijn

…Process optimization with
continuous cost saving and stability…

Key facts

  • Client since 1974
  • Departments in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Curacao
  • 850 stores, with 220 franchise stores
  • > 7.250 orders each year


How can we optimize our processes and continually save costs while keeping our stability high?

Albert Heijn is a big retailer whom, because of their many departments and campaigns, has a very complex marketing organization.  Therefor decisions are mostly based on comfort and speed rather than on optimization and cost reduction.


  • 100% of the procurement orders tendered by Sumis
  • Reoccurring orders are tendered in co-sourcing
  • Mapping all processes and optimizing them step-by-step
  • Implementing the Sumis Local IT system for local orders
  • Automatize the EDI en E-invoicing route


  • Huge cost reduction of >35%
  • Quality control and improvement by product control
  • Speed of campaigns and changes possible due to a personal Project Manager
  • Consistency in campaigns at franchise stores due to the IT system Sumis Local

We deliver loyalty cards, displays, adhesives, magazines for Albert Heijn. Everything that communicates in the store with the customer is provided through the Print Management service of Sumis.

Do you recognize your company in this case? Also struggling with fast and complex marketing communication processes? We can help! Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out what we can do for you.