…Unburdening the marketing department by optimizing processes…

Key facts 

  • Client since 2011
  • 83 ANWB stores and 24 Dutch car petrol stations
  • 15 ANWB daughters
  • > 600 orders each year


How can we reduce costs and unburden our marketing department to make sure we excel in what we do?

The ANWB had become a major provider of nearly anything having to do with making mobility, vacations and leisure time safer, easier and more entertaining. That means an incredible flow of marketing communications, and this printed materials. All of these diverse activities, clients and assignments make it difficult to manage the processes and expenses.


  • Outsourcing of the marketing implementation to Sumis project managers
  • 100% of all procurement assignments are tendered by Sumis
  • An analysis of all process flows
  • Use of Sumis Local for lokal orders and assurance of the brand identity
  • Use of Sumis Direct for standard marcom materials


  • Reduction of 15% in(direct) costs because of clear and fixed processes
  • Substantial reduction on procurement costs of 15%
  • 8% reduction in workload for the busy Marketing Communication department
  • Quality improvement through a consistent application of the corporate identity

Every year we produce diverse materials for the purpose Mailings, Outdoor, Streetwise kids, door-to-door campaign, diverse marketing and communication (oa flags), logistics of MarCom materials and corporate identity printings.

Also struggling with a busy marketing department and insufficient processes? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do/save for you.