…Keeping the brand value high while saving on costs…


Key facts

  • Client since 2015
  • Headquarter in the Netherlands
  • 350 petrol stations
  • Tons of marketing actions each year


How is it possible to maintain our brandvalue and high quality while saving on costs?


A complicated BP marketing campaign contains of several materials and different products, producers and print techniques. All these factors contribute to the fact that it’s difficult to keep the quality of all the campaigns the same. Especially the consistency and the quality needed for their green color makes it risky to try out different suppliers.


  • Benchmark for product-supplier fit. Because of our co-operation with a great amount of preferred suppliers, Sumis can  select the best supplier for each product. By doing this we saved 20% on their buying spend.
  • Combining orders in production. Thanks to the big buying volume from Sumis, BP can get his advantage here.
  • Analyzing the customer journey en optimizing products by experienced Project Managers.


  • Options to choose from different suppliers with guaranteed retaining of consistency in the qualtiy of the color.
  • Big cost saving of >35%
  • Quality control and improvement by product control
  • Speed on campaigns and changes because of a personal Project Manager

Do you also have a problem with a complex color quality and do you recognize your company in this story? Please contact us to see what we can do/save for you.