…Reaching out to the right target group with every mailing…

 Key Facts

  • Client since 2006
  • 130 stores in the Netherlands
  • 11 brands
  • 6 national campaigns each year


Is it possible to reach out to a different target group each mailing without spending to much time and money on different distribution plans?

C&A is a department store with a unique approach to distributing their advertising materials. They want to customize each distribution to the specific campaign and target group. No standardized plan, but tailor made every time.


  • Making a target group analysis per campaign to determine who is the right target group and where they are situated
  • Campaign-supplier fit for every campaign. Sumis can do this due to the fact that they are 100% independent
  • Unburden by streamlining the process and distribution


  • Targeted distribution of the campaigns and reaching target groups
  • Cost savings through segmented distributions (always the best provider)
  • Reduced workload by taking over the coordination & distribution per campaign


Curious if your distribution plans could be optimized? Recognize your own company in this case? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do/save for you.