…Speed and consistency in all the POS materials…


Key facts

  • Client since 1974
  • 540 stores in the Netherlands of which 250 franchise stores
  • Best drugstore of 2015
  • 1800 project each year


How can we provide each store with the same look and feel while accounting for the speed of the POS campaigns?

Because of the many franchise stores owned by Etos, it is very difficult to make all the shops look the same within the process times of the constantly changing POS campaigns. This is not an optimal process and costs Etos a lot of time and money.


  • Implementing the Sumis IT solution Enterprise for local marketing
  • Use of the IT solution Sumis Business for action marketing
  • Purchase orders are tendered by Sumis


  • Procurement savings of 205% for production for the department Action Communication
  • 60% reduction in time as a result of process optimization for the department Local Marketing
  • 35% reduction in time as a result of  process optimization for the department Action Marketing
  • Procurement savings for Pre-press costs of 40%

Everything that communicates in the store is provided through the many services of Sumis. We deliver giftcards, displays, door-to-door productions, magazines and specials.

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