…Every store their custom made POS parcel, on time and without defects…

Key facts

  • Client since 2012
  • Stores in the Benelux, UK and Spain
  • 650 stores in the Netherlands
  • > 17.000 orders each year


How can we manage to get different POS parcels to each store, on time and without defects? 

The lead times of POS material is very different than that of other marketing campaigns. This often created confusion about what needs to go where and when.  HEMA was mostly struggling with the big amount of material that arrived defect or late at the store.


  • Taking over the entire logistics process of POS materials
  • Creating personal POS packages for each store based on store DNA
  • Delivering POS materials to branches through a tight supply protocol.


  • Cost savings of € 400.000.-
  • Defects and breakage down from 20% to only 3%
  • Overproduction is down from 12% to 5%
  • 2 FTEs saved through better coordination between marketing and distribution centre
  • Time to market shortened by 4 weeks
  • Savings of 1.500 m2 of floor space in HEMA DC
  • And … the right POS materials always delivered to the right store at the right time

Also spending to much time on the logistic execution of your POS campaigns? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do/save for you.