NS (Dutch Railways)

…Reaching more people with less money…

 Key Facts 

  • Client since 2009
  • 410 stations
  • Over 1.000.000 carriers each day
  • 600 orders each year


How can we optimize the “spoordeelweken” mailing in order to reach more people while at the same time reducing the production costs?

3x a year the NS (Dutch Railways) sends out a mailing called “spoordeelweken”. A well known mail campaign. Existing out of coupons in combination with traveling by train. A successful campaign, but never optimized. Therefor it costs the NS more than necessary.

Sumis is responsible for the execution of marcom materials for the NS. Ever since we won the first tender several years ago, we guide productions of (advertising)prints, magazines, door-to-door leaflets and direct mails.


  • Adjustments to the execution and shape of the mailing
  • Analyzing the target group
  • Reducing costs by take into account the transmit weight, technical realization and production time
  • Settle clear KPI’s every month


  • 8 pages more content, so 8 pages more add incomes
  • Reduction of production costs with 10%
  • Realization of a shorter lead time
  • Increasing of the edition to 4.5 million pieces
  • Attracting more advertisers
  • Results of the Mail Monitor-research says that the mailing (in every dimension) scored over average of the benchmark.

Also sending out a direct mail campaign and wondering if we can optimze that to? Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do/save for you.