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…Creating a new campaign…


Key facts

  • Client since 2014
  • Active in 8 countries
  • 19 own theaters
  • > 35 contacts


Create the design of the centrale campaign to activate the new musical Beauty and the Beast.

You can go see the musical starting the 3rd of December in the AFAS Circustheater Den Haag. Before this date it is necessary to design a new logo, according to Disney’s rules and wishes, and create a campaign to activate the musical.


  • Creating experience by activating the theme: get conquered (“laat je veroveren”)
  • Incorporate this “sparkle” in different campaign details and products
  • The AFAS circus theater is the main image you’ll see in every campaign product


  • By cooperation with Sumis Printmanagement saving on direct and indirect costs
  • New logo
  • Nice tv spot with Robert ten Brink as voice over
  • Start of the campaign with a big announcement on TV, radio, outdoor, print and online