…Understanding the marketing expenses &
reducing the workload of employees…

Key facts

  • Client since 2014
  • Active in over 80 countries
  • Top 15 pharmaceutical companies
  • 250 projects each year


How can we achieve more understanding of our marketing expenses and at the same time reduce the workload in our creative studio?

Teva had insufficient understanding of their marketing expenses. They have an internal design studio because of the many short lead times of their campaigns. Unfortunately their studio manager spent over 70% of her time on consultation with suppliers. How can we solve this? It’s simple; lat everyone do what they do best.



  • Mapping the suppliers and projects in the department
  • Bench-marking the current suppliers
  • Take over of the project management by Sumis


  • Saving of 35% on marketing materials
  • Reduction of the workload of the studio manager by 50%

Also notice that your marketers/creatives are spending to much of their time talking to suppliers and do you have know idea what happens to your marketing budget? We love to contribute to the solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find our what we can do for you.