War child

…New brand identity that fits their values…


Key facts

  • Client of FEL since 2013
  • Active in 10 countries
  • 83 employees in the Netherlands
  • All projects are 100% sponsored


Our old brand identity doesn’t mach our brand values anymore.

War Child is an independent charity organisation that invests in a peaceful future for children affected by war.  ‘Creative, inspirational, impact full and open’ are the values that we use to create a new brand identity.


  • Keeping the old logo to trigger recognition
  • Along with positive photography, the new brand identity creates a recognizable and unique look that fits the brand


  • Red, white and black are the main colours
  • Supported by a solid font (Block Berthold)
  • A cracked edge as a striking element, which is used as a design element everywhere

Do you also find that your brand identity doesn’t mach your brand values anymore? We love to contribute to the solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find our what we can do for you.