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San Nomination 'Save the Children'


We’re proud to announce we’ve been nominated for a SAN award in the category Smart Idea with FEL’s activation case ‘Save the Children’. The Smart Idea category was introduced last year and is a category for smaller (activation) campaigns or ideas of high quality and, above all, in a cost-effective way, that have contributed to brand, sales, or behavioural objectives. It is a self-contained idea or part of a larger campaign.


The main goal was to create awareness in The Netherlands for the Save the Children ship that saves refugees (15% of which are children) from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

The concept: You don’t let a child drown, not over here and not over there. So we took the problem of the Mediterranean Sea and transported it to Amsterdam’s canals. We placed some dummies in the water at different crowded areas in Amsterdam, and let them cry for help. It was a guerrilla marketing campaign, as there was absolutely no budget for paid media. The goal? Free publicity. And it worked, both the national and the local media picked up on the item.

The winner of the SAN award will be announced on the first of June. Fingers crossed!