Stefan Hijstee - COO / Managing Partner
Be the best!

About Stefan Hijstee

I have over 20 years of experience in retail, working for companies such as HEMA and Maxeda (previously Vendex KBB). During these years I have specialized in process improvement and buying of Marketing and Advertising. I have managed big projects and realized serious savings. My passion is to always be the best.

Marc Smeitink - CCO / Managing Partner
Optimizing the process

About Marc Smeitink


After completing my study marketing and business economics I have held several positions in marketing and sales in the printing and publishing business. In my career I have always focused on optimizing the process of collaboration between suppliers and customers and creating a win-win situation. At Sumis my position as CCO has a strong focus on marketing and sales. Besides this, I'm a member of various forums.

Koen de Groot - Managing Partner

About Koen de Groot

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Maarten van der Velden - Business Development Director
Excellence is not a skill. It’s an attitude.

About Maarten van der Velden

After graduating from the Frederic Muller Akademie I worked for several different publishers like Reed Elsevier and NRC Media. As Sales Director at NRC Media I was responsible for the ad sales of NRC Handelsblad, and Before that I independently published the magazine Peugeot Expo Magazine. In my free time I coordinate the youth football at the local football club. I enjoy connecting people.

Job Bogaard - Procurement Manager
About Job Bogaard

After studying HTS Business Administration in Alkmaar I enrolled in a Masters for Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I subsequently used my knowledge at companies like Heineken, Reckitt Benckiser and Staples. After those experiences I took up the challenge of working at Sumis as Procurement Manager. The organisation’s dynamics, ambition and drive make this job exciting for me. In my free time, I love to play a game of tennis or basketball, visit the theatre or go to a concert and I coach a youth football team.

Evert-Jan Hellemink - Director Logistics
Always ask yourselfwhether it can be smarter

About Evert-Jan Hellemink

I have been responsible for Sumis Marketing Logistics since 2012. People describe me as a result-oriented people manager with a strong affinity for graphic, logistic and marketing processes. I also have a strong focus on quality, effectiveness and innovation. This enables me to advise my clients well when it comes to optimally organizing new services, processes and procedures. I am proud of this great company Sumis and I really enjoy working here. When I am off work I enjoy spending time with my family and flying 'virtually' in my Boeing 737-800NG.

Bas Otte - Team Manager
Work together, do together!

About Bas Otte

After high school I started working at a printing company as a student printer and I have always had the drive to grow and learn. After working in the printing industry for 15 years I made the switch to Sumis, as the team manager of a group of driven experts. I am contemplative, practical and like the challenge of making our team better, more fun and more effective.

Joost Baumeister - Project Manager
Attention to detail.

About Joost Baumeister

Three years ago I started my adventure at Sumis without any knowledge of printing. Now, every day is a great experience and I learn new things on a daily basis. I love a challenge and I am very focused on delivering the best service and finding a solution for every problem I encounter. When I am off work I like to spend time with friends and family, I love drinks and food and a party once in a while. I also like to take my dog for long walks on the beach.

Leonie Baten - Project Manager Direct
Whatever you are, be a good one!

About Leonie Baten

In 2011 I started as a project manager at Sumis Print Management. In 2015 I made the switch to Sumis Direct. I’m very pleased to be able to work for a variety of clients, big and small, at Sumis Direct and I’m specialised in the Sumis Local – a tool we offer to clients, which allows them to order print materials from their own tailor made webshop. I’m very service focused, I love a challenge and enjoy solving problems! I like to spend my time off with friends and family and go for walks (on the beach) with my dog. In addition, I enjoy going out for dinner or the occasional party!

Arjan Bodewits - Project Manager
Creating a great product together.
About Arjan Bodewits

After I finished graphic school I worked at various printers throughout the Netherlands. In 2001 I started working at Sumis as a Project Manager. At Sumis I am a skilled and trusted contact for my clients. When I am off work I like to ride my bike and take photos. These two hobbies meet whenever I am on one of my biking holidays.

Jeannette van Duin - Project Manager
We will take care of that
About Jeannette van Duin

After my Graphic Management study I have worked, among others, at a company specialized in promotion articles, a web shop offering birth announcement and wedding cards and as a student nurse. I started at Sumis as an Assistant Project Manager and I have grown on to be a Project Manager. Due to my various experiences I have learned to listen, highlight my clients and act on it. In my time off you can find me walking in the dune lands or in the city.

Evelien Faber - Project Manager
Control is my passion

About Evelien Faber

After having worked at various advertising and print management agencies I came to work at Sumis as a Project Manager in 2009. Now, 6 years later, I can look back at a exciting period. Sumis aspires 'Save Time, Save Hassle and Save Money' and these are words I can completely associate with. Nothing makes me happier than a client that is satisfied after a successful project. To accomplish this, I work hard and make sure I am always in control. I have an eye for detail and think it is important to make sure a client puts his complete trust in me.

Georgette Halkes - Intelligence Consultant
Help retailers find their target group

About Georgette Halkes

I started as a junior D(n)M expert about 14 years ago. Over the years, I have developed into Intelligent Consultant. Before Sumis I worked in the retail industry as an entrepreneur. What I enjoy about my current position is the fact that I help find retailers where their target group lives to send them the appropriate communication. When doing this I profit a lot from my own experience working in retail.

Danielle Nootebos - Client Service Director

About Danielle Nootebos

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Fred van Ockenburg - Sales Manager
About Fred van Ockenburg

Thanks to my years of experience in connecting brands and consumers 1-to-1 I know how important ‘The Floor’ is for the retailer and producer. Sumis gives me the chance to use that knowledge for our clients and ensure their message is carried out optimally. Whether it’s done with the retailer’s own communication or with the producer’s product information, we can help you make this process run smoothly.

Guido Hes - Project Manager
Keep It Short and Simple

About Guido Hes

Before joining Sumis I worked in the printing and publishing industry where I learned all about the printing process. In the 17 years I have been working for Sumis I serviced various clients but now I am in charge of ETOS. My strength is that I am all-round and good at translating processes into digital tools, which saves a client costs and time. I am happily married to Ottolien and together we have two great sons.

Jeroen Kentie - Project Manager
We will take care of that

About Jeroen Kentie

After completing the Graphic MTS I have been working at printers, pre-media companies and creative and media agencies. I have really found my niche in printing project and process management. My goal is to always deliver my client the best result possible without losing sight of the interest of the stakeholders.

Jeroen Klomp - Manager Finance
Dream big and dare to fail

About Jeroen Klomp

After my MBO in business administration I gained a lot of experience while working for various organisations within the finance department. Making the best use of this experience, I now work as Finance Manager. At Sumis I really enjoy working in this position. It is an all-round job where no day is the same. In my free time I like to watch soccer and spend a lot of time with my 2 daughters.

Marjolein Koppenberg - Project Manager
Why make it difficult when we can do it together!

About Marjolein Koppenberg

Via accounts such as V&D, Hunkemoller and Perry Sport I have been temporary employed at Sumis since 2012. My creative streak is serving me well here. I love working with all kinds of people with the most diverse backgrounds. To keep up, I have qualified for NIMA-A and am now joining a Project Management training. When I am not working I read a lot, walk my dog, skate, ride my bike and enjoy swimming.

Thijs Lottman - Senior buyer
Achieving the best results

About Thijs Lottman

After finishing high school I started working at Grafisch Bureau van Dijk, with a name change to Van Dijk printmanagement later on. I joined Cendris Printmanagement in The Hague in 2005 and left for Sumis in Amsterdam 2 years later. I’ve now been here for several years. I love trying to achieve the best results for my clients every day.

Aafke Molenaar - Project Manager
De klant staat bij ons centraal

About Aafke Molenaar

My education in Communication management and years of experience in a variety of production environments in the printing industry perfectly come together in my position as Project Manager at Sumis. I really love my job. It is my responsibility to unburden the client in an efficient and clear manner. I’m proud to support the client and be a part of the projects!

Alous van Nieuwkerk - Project Manager
Reaching for the optimal goaltogether with colleagues and clients

About Alous van Nieuwkerk

It’s been 4 years now since I started working at Sumis Company. I started as project manager for the V&D account and am now the project manager for both Print Management and FEL. Managing a project starting from scratch is right up my alley. Making connections, flexible, immune to stress and cheerful, these are typical characteristics for me.

Bianca van Oevelen - Project Manager
Focus on the good

About Bianca van Oevelen

After graduating from the Graphic Design school I held several positions that taught me that proper deliberation, teamwork and the ability to quickly change gears with both clients and suppliers are the most important elements to achieve a good and positive outcome. With this insight I started working at Sumis on 1 May 2000 as a Project Manager and I’m completely in my element here; meetings, teamwork, acting fast and contact with clients ensure I feel right at home here.

Machiel Oudheusden - Project Manager
Go the extra mile for the client

About Machiel Oudheusden

I have over 20 years of experience in project management, of which 10 years in retail. My strength is to use my extensive product knowledge when it comes to complex projects and demanding clients and to work on the best outcome possible with strong and healthy passion. I love socially-focused challenges. After joining Sumis' bicycle team for the Alp d'huzes I would love to join the Noordkaap Challenge, Mongol Challenge or the Peking Challenge to help a good cause.

Jan Overtoom - Project Manager
Improvement of collaboration

About Jan Overtoom

I have over 40 years of experience in the printing industry. I worked at various DTP-studios as Account Manager. Meanwhile, I completed various business-oriented studies, including Higher Management Communication Media at Stivako. I really enjoy working at Sumis, with all my colleagues and lots of different clients. Up-keeping existing relations and improving collaborations are my strengths.

Anja Peters van Neijenhof - Finance Assistance

About Anja Peters van Neijenhof

In my opinion quality management is a “must” for every company. Sumis Print Management is now ISO 19001 and ISO 14001 certified. As Project Leader ISO I have the privilege of leading this process and executing internal audits. At the Finance department I work closely with my colleagues in Sales, Procurement and Operations to implement the agreed arrangements and meet the expectations of our clients and suppliers. My biggest hobby is my family and I also study New Greek because I’m fascinated with the Greek language and culture. Greece is also my favourite holiday destination.

Björn de Vaal - Senior Buyer
Realizing the best buy

About Björn de Vaal

After my Graphics course Commercial Management I immediately started as a buyer of marketing and communication materials. Beginning at a small intermediary agency, then a rotation printer, a design studio and Philips, and ending up at Sumis in 2012. Besides analysing processes and realizing the best buy, my biggest hobby is wild water canoeing.

Wilma Vallenduuk - Project Manager
At your service!

About Wilma Vallenduuk

After studying for chemical analyst I came into the printing business and I discovered that managing projects suits me perfectly. In the evenings I have updated my graphic knowledge and now I am working as a Project Manager for over 20 years. As the well-known "key-figure" I feel right at home. Managing projects from A to Z and ensuring a good outcome is my aspiration. In my time off you can find me running or walking in the most beautiful dune district of the Netherlands (Bergen/Schoorl).

Manon van der Stok - Project Manager Logistics
You'll go faster alone, but you will get further together

About Manon van der Stok

My job as Project Manager is diverse and exciting. Being immune to stress, efficient and involved enables me to make sure that projects are executed and managed from the very beginning until the very end. Of course, I do all of this together with my colleagues, my 'partners in crime'. In my free time I play tennis a lot, I like to go skiing and I love to travel.

Leon van der Meer - Logistics Supervisor

About Leon van der Meer

After years as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry it was time for a career change. Through mutual acquaintances I came into contact with Sumis Marketing Logistics. I’ve been active as Logistic Supervisor for a few years now. The challenge is to, as a team effort, completely optimize the processes and take responsibility for it. Sumis gives us the chance to further develop ourselves and I want to take full advantage of that offer. My free time is completely taken up by the sports activities of my two kids and, to be honest, I love it.

Ria Tollenaar - Facility Assistant
Being the face of Sumis
About Ria Tollenaar

After my high school education M.M.S. I worked as a sales person at a computer company followed by Head of General Business & Secretarial office at the city of Amsterdam for 12,5 years. Here, I gained a lot of experience in management and presenting. I have been working at Sumis as a hostess since October 2012. So if you are likely to visit Sumis one of these days I will be the one welcoming you. When I am off work I am a family caregiver and I enjoy being with my family and granddaughter.

Alfred Wurtz - Facility Assistant
Welcoming& service-oriented

About Alfred Wurtz

I am the Facility Assistant at Sumis. I support the managing partners and all colleagues. Welcoming & service-oriented are two words that characterize me the most. By doing so, I try to bring something extra to the company and it's clients every day. My biggest passion is church organs; the way they are build and their music.

Annemiek van der Velden - Logistics Assistant
Dedicatedto the cause
About Annemiek van der Velden

I am working at Sumis since 2013 and I truly love working here. It is my responsibility that all the processes are coordinated in the right way in the distribution center. The work is very diverse and the colleagues are nice. In my spare time I like to read and go camping with my family.

Martine Josefsson - Project Manager Logistics
Imagination will bring you everywhere
About Martine Josefsson

As projectmanager at Sumis Marketing Logistics I do what I like the most namely managing different projects in a dynamic company. I believe in companies whom put their clients interests first and are prepared to go the extra mile for them. In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends, cooking and travelling.

Wouter Franke - Marketing & Communication Coordinator
Communication is the key to succes

About Wouter Franke

Ever since I graduated as marketer from the University of Applied Sciences Leiden I’ve had the desire to be part of the dynamic retail landscape. I was triggered during an internship at The Walt Disney Company where I researched consumer buying behaviour within the Dutch children’s toy market. The importance of marketing communication and the ease with which it can fail or succeed caught my attention. Sumis plays an important role here for many large Dutch retailers. I’m very glad to be a part of this group.

Joeri de Bruin - Project Manager
I love it when a plan comes together.

About Joeri de Bruin

I joined Sumis at the end of 2015. Before that I worked as a freelance project, traffic and operations manager on both the agency and the customer side. I currently work for a really great company where, through tailor made services, advice and amazing team work, we work towards a great goal: satisfied customers.

Yan Tang - Finance Assistant
What the mind can concieve, it can achieve

About Yan Tang

After almost 8 years as a financial controller at an accountancy agency I chose to join Sumis. It was a new challenge for me to work on the other side of the trade. With my work experience and a Master’s degree in Accounting & Control I hope to be a useful addition to the finance team. As soon as the opportunity presents itself I like to go traveling, go out for dinner or work on my photography.

Tijl Striethouldt - Project Manager
Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits!

About Tijl Striethouldt

During my carier as Account Manager in the Graphic Indusry, I always combined my enhousiasm and profesionality to achieve the best results.In my role als Project Manager I feel very comfortable. Working in a strong team and getting the best for leading brands, it's day to day practice at Sumis.Succeeding a project and the satisfaction of it is one of the most important motives to me. In my life, so even during working hours, I like to be challenged, looking for balance, and most important: having fun! 



Hester Arkes - Team Manager
Laat je niet gek maken

About Hester Arkes

I’ve been the Team Manager at Sumis Direct since November 2015. At Sumis Direct we primarily focus on the SME companies in the Netherlands. Via this team I come into contact with a group of young people, still relatively at the beginning of their career. It’s my job to bring structure to the operations of this great department. Each day is different, nothing can be taken for granted and that’s what makes it fun!

Lauren Riethoff - Junior Purchaser
About Lauren Riethoff

After 2,5 years as a consulting Account Manager I decided to make the switch to buyer at Sumis. Providing the client with the best materials, the correct advice, and the best price is what makes my work very exciting. In addition, I always keep an eye out for new opportunities to make sure we are up to date in this ever-changing and dynamic market. In my spare time I like to exercise and I love going to the cinema or watching Netflix from my sofa.

Annick van Geel - Junior Project Manager
About Annick van Geel

After getting my diploma in Management, Economics and Law I travelled through Asia for 2 months. In November 2016, with lots of excitement, I started as Junior Project Manager at Sumis. I love a challenge and aim to live each day to the fullest. People close to me describe me as a calm, thoughtful, creative and driven person who knows what she wants and goes for it. In my spare time I go out with friends, go out for dinner or, best case scenario, travel.

Megan Meijer - Junior Project Manager
Great things never came from comfort zones
About Megan Meijer

Megan Meijer

Service, challenges and development. This is what I looked for in a job and I found it at Sumis as Junior Project Manager. No two days are the same and there’s always something to do. Guiding productions and keeping the client satisfied, that’s the most important! Looking for opportunities and possibilities every day. How can I satisfy the client a full 200%? There is no task I wouldn’t dare to take on, I’m a go-getter and an optimist. Together we can do anything! With a background in the TV world and Schiphol airport I’m a newbie when it comes to print management, but I learn something new each day! My ringer is always on; what can I help you with?

Thomas Vos - Project Manager
About Thomas Vos

While studying Commercial Business Administration I held several positions in sales and (field) marketing. From here I came to Sumis, and I’m now responsible for the set-up of the new placement service. Within that I am focused on quality, efficiency and professionalism. The word ‘unburden’ is key here. With my hands-on mentality I feel right at home as Project Manager at Sumis Marketing Logistics. In my time off you can find me on the tennis court or golf course.

Maarten Smit - Operator Prepress
About Maarten Smit

I made the switch to Sumis after gaining years of experience at advertising agencies. I (helped) set up the “missing link” at Sumis Company within the SUMIS STUDIO organisation. Each day is another challenge to ensure the right connection between design and production.

Maarten Pordon - Sales Manager Sumis Direct
Well done is better than well said

About Maarten Pordon

Rai Eeswijk - Finance Assistant
About Rai Eeswijk

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