IT Solutions

Our main objective is to make things easier for the marketer. To be able to work more efficient, decrease the chance of making mistakes in the process and lower the costs, we are constantly investing in technological innovations. After all, many of the marketing processes can be supported or even replaced by smart IT tooling.

…More of your campaign using a similar budget. By getting your IT solutions in order, you unburden your marketers, so they can focus on what they do best…

Sumis IT Solutions:

  • Knowledge and support in selection, development and implementation of your Marketing IT solutions
  • Development and realization of specific Marketing IT solutions
  • Development and implementation of Process IT solutions such as e-voicing, EDI, etc.
  • Supply of Marketing IT solutions developed by Sumis:
    • Sumis Local (personalized webshop for local marketing)
    • Sumis Publisher (automatic template-based system for optimal campaign management)
    • Client Portal (real time insight in the status of all your projects)

We have already implemented our Marketing IT solutions at various clients, to their full satisfaction.

Curious in which areas you can optimize your IT? We would be happy to help and our coffee is always ready.